Beat Saber Requests

beat saber website screenshot.PNG

1) Visit

2) Search for the song you want to request by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right and typing the song's name

3) Go through the list of results and pick the song mapping that has the highest likes. These songs are not officially mapped so we rely on the public reviews

Note: The song request will automatically be rejected if the like/dislike ratio is too low!

beat saber website screenshot 3.PNG

4) Noting the last part of the URL, type in our channel's chat "!bsr XXXX" .

Note: There will not be an automatic notification that the song was accepted (or rejected). 

We will try to play songs in the order they were requested, but we may jump around. A lot of other people are requesting so please be patient!

- Viewers get 1 request at a time (you must wait until the song you requested is completed, otherwise any additional request will be automatically rejected). 

- Subscribers get 2 requests at a time

- If you have trouble requesting a song or don't understand, any moderator will be happy to help.

Keep Smiling!