Cheering is's first-party method of directly supporting a channel. Check out this tutorial to discover how you can cheer with laughs!

1) Select the tetrahedron in the bottom right corner of our channel to get this pop up.

2) Click "Get Bits"

3) Select the amount you'd like to purchase by clicking the purple button. Watch out for special offers!

Purchasing Bits

4) The following popup should appear. Follow through the Bits Checkout using Amazon or Paypal and you'll be returned back to Twitch Chat when you finish!

Free Bits

IMPORTANT: Make sure you turn ad-blocker off! We never run ads, but in order to earn free bits, you'll be watching ads or answering survey questions. Enjoy!

1) Same as above

2) Same as above

3) Following Steps #1 and #2 from above, you can earn bits for free by selecting the Watch Ad button

4) A popup will appear. It runs for 30 seconds. You must Interact (the mouse clicker circled will turn white) by clicking somewhere on the ad before being able to continue.

5) After 30seconds and interacting, click I'm done to earn your free bits!

6) You can Watch Another or start cheering. 

Note) Free bits are great, but you may encounter a limit. It states to try again tomorrow, but it is usually available around 15 minutes or an hour later.

Cheering Bits

1) Once you have bits, shown in the image to the left, you can start cheering!

Begin by clicking any of the Cheermotes, Twitch's animated GIFs, in the area above or by typing the Cheermote's prefix in the chat window as shown to the left, and then Chat!

2) Your Cheermotes and any additional message included in the chatline will be shared. 

Through Twitch, the more you cheer, the more prestigious badge you will earn, see the list here up to 1 million!

Through LifeWithLaughs, your support will help you earn the month's Cherish Gift, see here for more details on these homemade crafts and treats.