Genshin Impact Reroll Group

Basic Summary:

You will DM FrankWithLaughs on Discord requesting any number of accounts you can help make. FrankWithLaughs will provide a list of usernames, passwords, and other details for you to make. You'll level them up to level-7 and save in front of Katherine of the Adventure Guild and let FrankWithLaughs know when you're done. FrankWithLaughs will share the accounts that are ready for rolling with LifeWithLaughs, and LifeWithLaughs will open them on live-stream. After live-stream, FrankWithLaughs will provide the results of your accounts and you will have the opportunity to reserve any for yourself. The rejected accounts will enter a Selection Pool where other reroll group participants can select accounts on a first-come-first-serve basis by messaging FrankWithLaughs when the Selection Pool is announced. Then enjoy your Genshin Impact dream team!

During the first Selection Pool, there were 20 accounts rejected from account-creators that had 5-star characters. At least one of these accounts had two 5-star characters. So if you are looking for a specific dream team, this is your best shot!

In the interest of fairness and transparency, you should read everything below so you can have a better and deeper understanding of how we're operating everything. 

Motivation and History:

At the launch of Genshin Impact, LifeWithLaughs was eager to adventure the new world with the cute Jiangshi (a vampire zombie from Chinese folklore), Qiqi. After rolling a devastating 40+ accounts, Qiqi was nowhere to be found; . Community member DemoOn independently took it upon himself to make dreams come true, and leveled 20 accounts without doing any wishes for LifeWithLaughs to roll them on stream. Tragically, Qiqi was still not summoned. After over 100 accounts being made between LifeWithLaughs, FrankWithLaughs and DemoOn, the idea was conceived: We are rejecting so many 5-star accounts, even some two 5-star accounts, other people may be going through the same thing. What if we could match people with accounts they want, bypassing extremely bad luck, and help LifeWithLaughs achieve her Genshin adventures? And thus the Qiqi Reroll Group was founded.

After over 200 accounts created (over 100 by LifeWithLaughs) between over a dozen participants and dozens of 5-star accounts, on the 152nd account, LifeWithLaughs encountered Qiqi for the first time. The original purpose of the Qiqi-reroll group was thus fulfilled. Nevertheless, the high density reroll-content on live-stream with the continued interest in community for getting their perfect dream team, we have decided to continue hosting and organizing a Reroll group for the community. 

Please note that we are hosting a Reroll Group, not a market place or trade group. Please see the Rules and Guidelines below.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

1) Read through all the information on the Reroll Group. In the interest of transparency and fairness, you are expected to be aware of everything listed here. If there are any questions or confusions, please ask FrankWithLaughs for clarification.

2) Message @FrankWithLaughs if you are interested in participating, and let him know how much time or how many accounts you can help make (It takes approximately 20-25min/account or 2hrs for 5 accounts or 4 hours for 10 accounts, however this can be highly parallelized due to the large duration of unskippable cutscenes).

2) FrankWithLaughs will provide instructions on which usernames, passwords, main-hero-names, gender, and server to use for each account.

3a) Watch the tutorial that LifeWithLaughs created (quite possibly the most comprehensive speedrun tutorial) to speedrun the list of accounts.

3b) Do your speedruns, it is recommended to do this on multiple devices simultaneously. Save in front of the Katherine of the Adventure Guild, PLEASE COLLECT the AR rewards, and PLEASE COLLECT the mail. DO NOT MAKE ANY WISHES. Please double check passwords; you CAN copy and paste text into password fields.

4) Message @FrankWithLaughs when you finish. You should not need to or be logging back into any of the accounts until after the stream.

5) @FrankWithLaughs will share a list of ready-accounts with @LifeWithLaughs.

6) @LifeWithLaughs will roll the accounts on stream (accounts will be hidden) for some high quality content. @LifeWithLaughs will do her best to roll ALL of the accounts that are available to facilitate the following steps. If she does not finish, those who did finish their accounts will still be able to participate in the Selection Pool even though their accounts were not rolled.

7) @FrankWithLaughs will personally message each participant with the results from each of their accounts immediately after stream. Each participant will get to choose which accounts they would like to keep, subject to the Rules. Each participant must respond before @FrankWithLaughs announces the account list, otherwise, the account you want may find another home!

8) @FrankWithLaughs will announce WHEN the Selection Pool will be revealed. Participants should plan to be available at this time because selection will be first-come-first-serve.

9) @FrankWithLaughs will then reveal the Selection Pool, a list of the rejected accounts, in the LifeWithLaughs Discord. The only information revealed will be a table with columns: id-code, the list of relevant characters/items, and status/availability. 

10) First-come first-serve: message @FrankWithLaughs with a list of up to 3 id-codes of accounts you are interested in. Order matters. If you update or change your selection, your priority will be reset regardless of when you initially messaged @FrankWithLaughs. Individuals may request up to 3 accounts, but only one will be given per Selection Pool.

11) @FrankWithLaughs will go in chronological order and distribute each participants' first available pick, then loop back to the beginning until participants are satisfied with that round of the Selection Pool. If multiple participants have the same first pick, the first one will get their first pick, and the second one will get their second pick, etc. If a participant requests a set of three accounts that are all no longer available, I will preserve their priority and give them an opportunity to reselect before continuing down the list of other DMs, they will have a maximum of 5 minutes from when I tell them to make another selection before I move on.

The LifeWithLaughs community leaders will continue to host, manage, and organize this Reroll Group until there are no more participants.


1) At this time, the individual who created the account has priority on the account that they created. They will be able to exercise this priority after the live-stream in which their account is rolled. @FrankWithLaughs will provide a summary of the account (characters and weapons) to each individual whose accounts were rolled on live-stream. Accounts that are not reserved at this point are entered into the Selection Pool.

2) Of the accounts in the Selection Pool, @FrankWithLaughs will make one announcement on when the Selection Pool will be announced, and will then make a formal announcement of the Selection Pool which will include an id-code, the list of characters/weapons, and the status ("reserved by account creator", etc.).

3) Selecting accounts within the Selection Pool is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. The specifics are discussed in Tasks & Responsibilities above. Individuals may request up to 3 accounts, but only one will be given per Selection Pool.

4) Accounts that were rejected in the Selection Pool will continue to be added to subsequent Selection Pools and will be available to future participants. 

5) Only individuals whose accounts were rolled during the most recent-live-stream or have participated in previous Selection Pools can reserve accounts in the Selection Pool. That is, participants that have signed up for accounts but these accounts have not been rolled on live-stream will not have access to the Selection Pool until their accounts are rolled on live-stream.

6) Participation in the reroll group: Individuals that are not subscribers must contribute at least 5 accounts to participate and gain access to the Selection Pool. Individuals that are subscribers must contribute at least 1 account to participate and gain access to the Selection Pool.

7) Reserving accounts for friends or family members is permitted in the individual-selection phase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

--> Q: What is the reroll group?

A: Here's a quick summary: basically @FrankWithLaughs will provide username/passwords, you will level them to 7, shahmeen will roll on stream, @FrankWithLaughs will DM you asking which you want to keep and reject, the rejected list will go in a selection pool that Reroll Group members can pick from, and the selection pool will carry over each stream. If you're interested, join our discord server and check out the recent post in #big-announcements

--> Q: What servers are supported?

A: Only America, I'm playing on America servers and I sometimes get 120-200 ping which I thought would be a problem; honestly it can't be noticed because it's a PvE game. I think the only reason you would stick to one server is because you already have friends. you can ask other people in #genshin-impact channel if you're concerned, many are in asia and EU too. But TL;DR - all accounts will be on the America server.

--> Q: When do I get to pick accounts?

A: At this time, when you finish the minimum requirement before the end of Live-Stream, and confirm with FrankWithLaughs that all your accounts are done at that time, then you will be permitted to select accounts from the next Selection Pool, see #updates to know what to expect.

--> Q: Do you have any accounts with character ????? ?

A: Almost surely yes, despite some character's popularity, no character is the majority-favorite, so most people end up rejecting accounts with that character, so there is a surplus of accounts available with whatever character you want. Note that the sooner you participate, the better supporting-cast you will get to pick in addition to your preferred main character.

--> Q: Great! How do I start?


A: DM @FrankWithLaughs confirming (a) you know that you are to get to level7 without rolling any wishes (they will be rolled on stream), (b) you know that it is America server only. Then let him know (1) your Twitch Username and (2) the number of accounts you would like to roll. Finally, @FrankWithLaughs will respond with a list of accounts that you will have to register.

--> Q: I can't log in! What's going on?!

A: You have to register the accounts. Be sure to register by username, not by e-mail. I strongly recommend copy/pasting the password rather than manually typing it - many people have incorrectly manually typed in the password twice when creating an account and after spending all the time leveling it up to 7, they can't type the password back in and that account is lost forever. I will also be enforcing the minimum requirement here, so those that make mistakes and only did the minimum 5 accounts may not even get to enter the next selection pool. 

--> Q: Can I get some free accounts? PWEAZZZEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?

A: No. Participation is required, please see Rules #6 for the minimum requirements; most rerollers choose between 10-20.