Genshin Impact Selection Pool

ATTENTION: This is a LifeWithLaughs community project. There is absolutely no selling or trading involved. Thank you!

Basic Summary:

Please check here for the full details of the LifeWithLaughs community Reroll Group. For eligible participants, please whisper LifeWithLaughsBot on Twitch to reserve an account with the !gireserve command followed by the reservation_index, for example: "!gireserve 420". Only one account can be selected per selection pool, so please be careful and pick only the account you want to reserve. Note that this pool is only updated once per live-stream, so it is possible that accounts on here may have been selected already. If you message someone else (like FrankWithLaughs) with reservations, those will not be reserved. Please follow instructions!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a LIVE list. This is the most recently updated list (updated once per stream). Accounts may be reserved between when I post it and when you look at it. LifeWithLaughsBot will let you know if the account was reserved, so you can just try a different account if you find something else you like.

Accounts preceded with "D" are donated accounts; 

Reserved/unavailable accounts are highlighted in Red.

Accounts with Legendary Gachas are highlighted in Gold.

Selection Pool #20