Subscriber Orientation

Subscribing is an optional and gracious way for viewers to become supporters. To reward this generosity, we have compiled a "LifeWithLaughs Subscriber Orientation" to share all our channel has to offer, and how you can make the most of your subscription.

Welcome Package

We mail all new subscribers a welcome letter with a special mystery gift. Fill out our shipping form and we will send it to you as soon as possible!

Discord Community

We host an active Discord server for our community. Weekly hangouts include community games, hangouts and binge-athons! Check out these instructions on how to join and don't hesitate to reach out to a moderator for technical assistance!


Some emotes are obvious, but some have a special place in our channel's history and community. Here's a brief introduction to the LifeWithLaughs subscriber emotes

Cherish Gift

Every month, we reward our most active community members with a package of assorted homemade treats and crafts that expresses our gratitude - the Cherish Gift. Check out this page for the current and previous recipients!


Our focus for conventions is meeting and playing with viewers. We will always have a meet-and-greet (official or nonofficial) and a LifeWithLaughs dinner party and hangout. These are the 


Due to the high demand for LifeWithLaughs homemade crafts and goodies, we have launched a shop! 

Contact Us

It brings us great pleasure to chat with fans, so whether you have a problem to discuss, need to vent, have a suggestion, or anything else, never hesitate to reach out!

Shahmeen checks and replies to EVERY message daily, the fastest way to get in touch directly is by tweeting to Shahmeen and she'll respond within a day. The best way to share a longer or more personal message is as a Discord DM after you've joined the Subscriber Discord